Product Features

  • Auto Reset on low power

  • Temp DS18B20 & DS-T1 ; Addon module

  • 1x 5A relay for AC,DC Signal Control

  • External RTC for long backup of time

  • GSM-M95 ; Addon module

  • F-RAM enabled

  • I2C based 4x LEDs, 2x DBG LEDs

  • 1x Button for Soft Reset, 1x Button for credential reset

  • 2x Button for LCD Toggling

  • Power Supply DC-DC buck boost enabled

  • Real time phase sensing 220v

  • Solar power enabled

  • Battery power Enabled

  • 2x Isolated inputs from plc 24v, 12v

  • 1x Isolated output for PLC

  • Long Battery Backup for Cloud uses

  • RS485 Direct plugin with PC ; Addon

  • Ethernet ; Addon

  • Ext-headers for manual control or training.

simot device

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