• ESP 32 with external antenna

  • 4x ADC (4-20mA) input

  • PT100/1000 RTD temperature sensor integration

  • Built-in RTC

  • 2x inputs buttons (Reset, and General purpose)

  • Protected RS485

  • 24V power supply (with protections) (external)

  • Back-up supercapacitor (with protections)

  • On-board temperature sensor

  • 8KB FRAM for history

  • 1x 3A Relay output (NC, NO, and COM)

  • 1X 24V isolated digital input

  • 0.96 OLED

  • GSM integration with Backup (optional)

  • Status output LEDs: WIFI, Status (RGB), and 4x ADC sensor

  • Buzzer for warning and error

  • Rail Mount Design

  • Deep sleep

  • Protections like ESD, reverse voltage, under-over voltage, over current

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