• 4x Analog channels (4-20mA)

  • RS485 Communication

  • PT100/1000 RTD Interface

  • Device Temperature Sensor

  • Direct 24V DC/Battery Input

  • 1x Digital Generic I/O

  • 1x button for Device Factory Reset

  • 1x button for Device Reboot

  • Rail mount Installation

  • Protections for device safety

  • Wireless Communication (WIFI, Bluetooth & GSM)

  • Network & Power Indication

  • Transducer Connectivity Indications

  • OLED Display: Network status & transducer data

  • Screen toggling button

  • Real-time sensor data display on Dashboard

  • Generation of sensor history with Timestamps

  • Event Based History generation

  • Graphical representation of history data

  • Export functionality for data retrieval

  • Multi-device Integration and Control via Single APP

  • Real-time Firmware Updates

Installation Guide: SIMOT PRO

SIMOT PRO Technical Specification

Power Supply
Input Voltage
18 ~ 30VDC
Typical: 24VDC
No. of Analog Channels
16 bit
Data Rate
8SPS ~ 860SPS
Typical: ____
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage Range
2.8V ~ 3.6V
Rated Voltages: 3.3V
Device Current Consumption
200mA ~ 450mA
Typical: 300mA
Device Power Consumption 
2.9W ~ 7.5W
Typical: 4.85W 
1x PLC Input
22 ~ 24VDC
Typical: 24VDC
1x Relay Output (NO)
Temperature Sensor
1x RTD Sensor Input
OLED Display
Display Mode 
Passive Matrix 
Display Color 
Dichromic (Yellow & Blue)
Drive Duty
1/64 Duty
Display Dimension
0.96 inch
Radio Specifications
2412 ~ 2484 MHz 
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Data Rate 20MHz
External Antenna
2.4GHz, 3dB
Baud Rate
9600 Bits/s
Communication Protocol
Modbus RTU
Other Parameters
Operating Temperature
0 ~ +70 ℃
Storage Temperature
-10 ~ +80 ℃
Indoor/Rail Mount
Degree of Protection
Dimensions(L x W x H)
116mm x 106mm x 60mm
± 2mm
± 10g

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SIMOT Pro Use Cases

Oil and Gas Industry

SIMOT in the oil and gas industry provides real-time data acquisition for monitoring critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and fluid levels in pipelines. This ensures operational efficiency, early detection of potential issues, and facilitates preventive maintenance.

Tank Level Monitoring

SIMOT excels in tank level monitoring, providing accurate and continuous data on fluid levels in storage tanks. This use case is crucial in industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment, ensuring optimal inventory management and preventing overflow or shortages.

Environmental Monitoring

SIMOT serves as a reliable solution for environmental monitoring by collecting data on air quality, temperature, and humidity. This data is vital for compliance with environmental regulations, identifying pollution sources, and ensuring a safe working environment.

HVAC Systems

SIMOT contributes to efficient HVAC system management by monitoring temperature, humidity, and energy consumption. This allows for real-time adjustments, energy savings, and the early detection of potential malfunctions, enhancing overall system performance.

Energy Management

In energy management, SIMOT aids in monitoring power consumption, voltage levels, and equipment efficiency. This data enables businesses to optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and implement sustainable practices.

Water Quality Analysis

SIMOT plays a crucial role in water quality analysis, providing real-time data on parameters such as pH, turbidity, and chemical concentrations. This is essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of water treatment plants and recreational water bodies.

Machine Health Monitoring

SIMOT monitors the health of industrial machinery by tracking parameters like vibration, temperature, and operating conditions. This proactive approach helps in predicting equipment failures, reducing downtime, and optimizing maintenance schedules.

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