• 8x Analog channels (4-20mA)​​

  • 2x Digital Generic Inputs like PLC​​

  • 2x Digital Generic Outputs like PLC​​

  • 2x Temperature Sensors​ (DS18B20)​

  • PT100/1000 RTD Interface​​

  • Direct 24V Solar & Battery Input​​

  • On board 24V Power Supply​​

  • Wireless Communication​ (WIFI, Bluetooth & GSM)

  • Ethernet &  RS485​​

  • Offline History​

  • OLED Display​​

  • Battery backup for device​

  • IP-67 Casing​

  • OTA Update and device commissioning

  • App

  • Dashboard

Installation Guide: SIMOT Ultra

installation guide ultra

SIMOT Ultra Technical Specification

Power Supply
Input Voltage
180 ~ 250 VAC
Typical: 230VAC
Output Voltage
Output Current
Max: 3A
Depending on the Sensor Attached
PV Controller Input Voltage
18 ~ 30VDC
Typical: 24VDC
No. of Analog Channels
16 bit
Data Rate
8SPS ~ 860SPS
Typical: ____
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage Range
2.8V ~ 3.6V
Rated Voltages: 3.3V
Device Current Consumption
200mA ~ 450mA
Typical: 300mA
Device Power Consumption 
2.9W ~ 7.5W
Typical: 4.85W 
2x PLC Input
22 ~ 24VDC
Typical: 24VDC
2x Relay Output (NO)
Temperature Sensor
1x RTD Sensor Input
OLED Display
Display Mode
Passive Matrix 
Display Color 
Monochrome (White)
Drive Duty
1/64 Duty
Display Dimension
2.42 inch
Radio Specifications
2412 ~ 2484 MHz 
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Data Rate 20MHz
External Antenna
2.4GHz, 3dB
Communication Protocol
Modbus RTU
Baud Rate
9600 Bits/s
Ethernet Protocol
Other Parameters
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ +70 ℃
Storage Temperature
20 ~ +80 ℃
Degree of Protection
Dimensions(L x W x H)
287mm x 216mm x 67mm
± 2mm
± 10g

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SIMOT Ultra Use Case

Structural Health Monitoring

For infrastructure and construction projects, SIMOT assists in monitoring the structural health of buildings, bridges, and other critical assets. It provides data on factors like vibrations, deformation, and material conditions, ensuring the integrity and safety of structures.

Agricultural Monitoring

In agriculture, SIMOT facilitates precision farming by collecting data on soil moisture, temperature, and crop health. This enables farmers to make informed decisions, optimize irrigation, and enhance overall crop yield.

Food Industry

SIMOT ensures food safety and quality by monitoring parameters such as temperature, humidity, and storage conditions in food processing and storage facilities. This helps in compliance with food safety standards and regulations.

Renewable Energy

SIMOT supports the renewable energy sector by monitoring and optimizing the performance of solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems. This ensures maximum energy generation and efficiency.

Water Treatment Plants

In water treatment plants, SIMOT monitors various parameters, including chemical levels, flow rates, and equipment status. This aids in optimizing water treatment processes, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining the overall efficiency of the plant.

Pump and Motor Control

SIMOT facilitates precise control and monitoring of pumps and motors by providing data on power consumption, performance, and operating conditions. This ensures efficient operation, reduces energy waste, and extends the lifespan of equipment.

Waste Management

In waste management, SIMOT contributes by monitoring waste levels, managing landfill operations, and optimizing waste collection routes. This data-driven approach enhances efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and improves overall waste management practices.

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