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SIMOT is an IoT module for industrial data acquisition with 4x to 8x analog and digital data channels, and 2x digital inputs PLC standard, 2x digital outputs PLC standard for full transmitter compatibility and secure cloud or private cloud connectivity. Our IoT module is fully compatible with Wi-Fi, BLE, Ethernet, RS485 and communication protocols likeWebSockets, ModbusRT ModbusTCP and RestAPIs.

SIMOT Dashboard and Mobile Application

Capture All the Relevant Data
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Imagine all business-related data metrics could collectively speak to you and
provide deep real-time insights into your industrial operations

SIMOT Real Time Data Colletion and Insights

Multiple Sensors

Multiple Sensors

SIMOT is a state-of-the-art solution for data acquisition from any type of transmitters used in various industries such as oil and gas, water and steam plants, RO water treatment plants, medical and healthcare, building management systems, and agriculture. It is an analog 4-20mA data acquisition system that can fetch data from up to 4 precise 4-20 mA sensing channels.

SIMOT Web DashBoard and Mobile Appliction

Manage Your Commodities Made Easy as Tapping Your Phone


Monitors all data, like tank level, weight, temperature, pressure, etc. that occurs during operations for data logging and fault detection


Controls events when automatically triggered to increase efficiency without human effort.


Advanced machine learning algorithms help customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality.


Protects machinery with preventive and predictive maintenance.

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Use Cases

Product Features

  • Auto Reset on low power

  • Temp DS18B20 & DS-T1 ; Addon module

  • 1x 5A relay for AC,DC Signal Control

  • External RTC for long backup of time

  • GSM-M95 ; Addon module

  • F-RAM enabled

  • I2C based 4x LEDs, 2x DBG LEDs

  • 1x Button for Soft Reset, 1x Button for credential reset

  • 2x Button for LCD Toggling

  • Power Supply DC-DC buck boost enabled

  • Real time phase sensing 220v

  • Solar power enabled

  • Battery power Enabled

  • 2x Isolated inputs from plc 24v, 12v

  • 1x Isolated output for PLC

  • Long Battery Backup for Cloud uses

  • RS485 Direct plugin with PC ; Addon

  • Ethernet ; Addon

  • Ext-headers for manual control or training.

Benefits We Serve

SIMOT Digitization Benefit


SIMOT can enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality while reducing costs through automation, data analytics, and connectivity.

SIMOT Process Audit Benefit

Process Audit

SIMOT digital process auditing ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, identify and mitigate risks.

benefit sec


SIMOT ensures safety measures to control critical faults, when limits are reached and automatically shutdowns are triggered.

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